Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Fringe or Not?

Now that my fringe is growing out due to the lack of time to go see a hairdresser to get it trimmed, I'm kindda wondering if I shld still stick to my straight blunt fringe or grow it out into a side fringe. I'm really on the fence about it because I love both looks for different reasons, so perhaps my dear readers could share their opinion on it?

Side fringe (Sorry Steph, this was the best picture with a side fringe so I had to use it >.<")
Pros: Easy to maintain
Slims my face down slightly
Easier to get the Agejo sexy look with it
Something different after so long
Cons: Most girls have this fringe
I need to slowly grow it out
I look more 'Ah Lian' (a kind of local derogatory term)

My current straight fringe (okay while it was shorter, my fringe is now a side fringe because it's grown out already)
Pros: Looks cuter
More identifiable as a Gyaru hairstyle
Certain hairstyles are only able to go with it (e.g. the hair buns)
I look 'done' even if I just tie a ponytail
I like this look and I've had it for awhile now
Cons: Need to go for constant trimming to maintain it
Need to style it daily
Tends to develop a centre-parting that isn't particularly attractive
Face looks wider
I've had this fringe for awhile now, perhaps its time for a change?
I'm seriously on the fence about this issue because while I love my straight fringe alot and my current idol, Rinka is still rocking the straight fringe, I do feel an itch to change things up abit. I asked The Bf's opinion and he's more partial to the side fringe, though he did say it's up to me how I want to style my hair.
Gah!!!! I seriously do not know, and I definitely will never buy a clip-on fringe because I change my hair colour constantly so there's little point in doing so. How how??


  1. Well, the thing about having a fringe is that it seems to grow faster than the rest of the hair on your head.

    I love your current style, but I also think change would be good!

    I think that style would look nice on you. I had those kinds of fringe before (just ask your stylist to make them a bit shorter and then like the next week they'll be the perfect length) and they kind of maintain the "straight fringe", but also is easy to style to the left/right and still slim down your face.

    Just a suggestion~

  2. i think the side fringe looks nicer^^ but both look gd :# and i agree with ayame my fringe grows really fast :(

  3. I really like your straight fringe because it looks perfect with your current cut & colour ♥ But you do look cute with the side fringe as well... Sorry I'm no help, haha!! XD

  4. Hmmm.
    I really think is that the straight fringe looks better for gyaru type. But maybe you can just switch between the two? Atm my fringe can be made in to sort of straight fringe but I can still sweep it to the side to make it look a side fringe >3<?

    i dont know hehe. But you look cute with both <3

  5. OMG I had no idea you and Steph were close friends hehe you two look lovely and cute!

    Fringe is cute but for sure hard to maintain :(

  6. straight bangs! they're so you :)

  7. Side fringes are longer, so you can always just grow it out now and then snip them into blunt bangs when you're sick of side fringes. :D Doesn't work so well the other way around!

  8. @ Ayame - Ok! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll consider it!

    @ Hello Naka - yea, I hate it how fringes grow out fatser then anywhere else, its really irritating

    @ Tori - Thanks! I am really adoring this colour as well, think I might just keep it for awhile longer before switching to another colour

    @ Emy - Yea, we're friends, thats why I never comment on her blog, cause if I got any opinions I'll just tell her straight hahaha

    @ josephine - Aww thanks bb! But I think I'll switch things up abit hhaha

    @ Cecilia - Yeap, you read my mind! I was thinking of the exact same thing when I finally decided to let my fringe grow out!

  9. hoho! i think you look better with bangs >.< !