Saturday, February 26, 2011

Personal Outfit 53 (A Day at the Spa)

I had a day of relaxation today, after all the stresses of completing assignment after assignment for the past 6 weeks. My mom treated me to a full scrub and massage treatment and it was so heavenly, I seriously did not want it to end despite the fact that the masseuse pressed and kneaded my muscles really hard during the session. It was painful fo that moment but oh so good later.

So another lazy day outfit:

Ack! My leggings and ankle boots have blended in with the carpet!
White dres: Bought in Macau
Grey leopard cardigan: Lip Service
Black leggings: Random shop in Chinatown
Ankle boots: Christmas gift from the Bf
Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs mook
I know that lately I've been posting more and more lazy outfits and maybe they're not all that gyaru but its seriously hard to muster up the energy to think up of outfits all the time or do my fancy makeup when I'm so strapped for time. I'm constantly fighting to finish my assingments on time and just when I thought I could finally catch my breath, another one comes along.

Because of that, i'm seriously contemplating stopping or at the very least, lessening my gyaru-based posts. I'll update bout fashion and the like when I have the time, but it'll probably be simpler outfits instead of the usual. Yes, I'm gonna be a weekend gyaru at the very least(whatever...).

I still adore gyaru makeup and hairstyling but I don't fully agree with the fashion at times and when I look my bulging wardrobe, a part of me feels the pain of not having worn some clothes that I love but have been labelled as "not gyaru enough". In some twisted way, instead of dressing how I love and what I feel like wearing at the moment, I am starting to become someone who's obsessed with whether a look is "in" or not. Instead of feeling more confident in my appearance, I've started to nit pick on everything and in the process, I've lost a part of who I am and my sense of self.

I don't know where I'll go from here, maybe I'll still be gyaru, maybe not. But at the very least, I'm still me...

P.S. I'll probably change my blog title soon I guess, should drop the "gyaru" title before people start coming after me for redundant things


  1. Yeah, I've begun to feel the same way. I adore Gyaru, but at the same time, I love Harajuku style and having bright weird clothing, and then just sometimes I dress like an everyday teenager in America.

    It is difficult to put on the make-up, do the hair, keep up with the nails (dedicated gyaru would call me lazy) but it really is difficult.

    I think that whatever you choose to wear and choose to call yourself, I think that's fine and I totally support you! You shouldn't be self-conscious of what's in and what's out if you don't love that sort of thing.

  2. Your post totally sums up why I closed Cosmic Love. If you feel this way, just make your blog a 'less strict' one. It doesn't have to only be about gyaru. You can talk about other things as well. This was why I decided to start afresh.

  3. @ Ayame - haha, yea its really difficult to keep up the style at all times. I already find it a chore to change my nail colours every week or so. Thanks alot for the support!!

    @ ✞ SY - haha, yea I guess i'll branch out to other things and make it less strict. Though Spring's gyaru coordinates are really right up my alley

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