Thursday, February 10, 2011

Makeup Review: Covermark Basic Formula Foundation

What I am about to review is perhaps the biggest secret for my flawless skin! Of course it helps to have good basic skincare to minimise the amount of flaws on your skin, however sometimes its not anyone's fault that your skin decides to go bit crazy and start to produce lots of bemishes and nasty pimples. When that happens, I turn to my trusty concealer for help in faking awesome skin even if my real skin is anything but smooth and clear.

So drumroll for the most fabulous concealer I've encountered yet:

Covermark Japan's Basic Formula paste-type Foundation in E6
Covers dull spots and freckles
Sweat and water resistant
SPF 33 PA+++
Highly breathable
Contains plant extracts to nourish the skin such as ginseng

My bare skin from last month's breakout (I haven't gotten a breakout like this since I changed my moisturizing cream, which I'll review at a later date)

Most blemishes have been covered after applying my Kate base and RMK foundation, however the more stubborn ones are still visible

After applying the Covermark Japan paste-type foundation as a concealer, all blemishes have been concealed

I do get that some of you are confused as to why this was supposed to be a concealer review but what I've produced is a foundation instead, but hear me out. I was recommended this product by Pochi after lamenting to her that I was so sick of constantly running around and wasting money and time on sub-products and really really wanted a great concealer. She immediately rifled through her makeup bag and produced this little wonder in a pot and gave me a smug smile.

The foundation is really thick and waxy in texture and was created to cover not blemishes but birthmarks, scars and discolorations on the skin. So if it works effectively on major problems like these, covering blemishes would be a breeze and it really is as you can see in the above pictures. However, I would recommend that you avoid using it on your eye areas because of the thick waxy texture unless you're willing to spend awhile blending it into place.
One thing about Covermark Japan is that its so coveted in Japan for its amazing coverage that its always ranked one of the top few brands in for its foundations and concealers. Its very little known even here in Singapore and I bought my product from the counter that was stuffed in a corner of Takashimaya with a single salesgirl manning the counter.

So in summary:
Coverage: 9.5/10 (almost perfect, flawless coverage if you blend properly, I'm tempted to give it perfect score but hey nothing's perfect right?)
Texture: 6/10 (Its thick and waxy in texture so blend carefully for even coverage. It also helps to dust some loose powder over it to increase its staying power)
Price: 8/10 (its pricey at $40 for a little pot, however, because you need only a teensy amount to cover blemishes, you could probably end up using the same pot for many months. I've used mine for bout 5 months now and there's just a slight dent on the surface)

Its truly a product that I recommend for people who really want to cover their blemishes and fake smooth, perfect skin. As a foundation, it's perfect for people who require heavy makeup such as entertainers because all you need is this and nothing else for your base. I have a friend who works as a race queen and party ambassador and she uses it whenever she's on the job because of its sweat and water resistance and because she's required to put on super thick makeup that could be compared with drag queens.

Gosh! I just realised how far behind I am on my reviews, I'm really sorry about it because more often then not, I just use the makeup without bothering to take any pictures of them. I'll get to them as soon as possible!


  1. Amazing! It really works! Wow I;m tempted to try now!

  2. I think I am definitely going to have to invest in one of these pots~ it looks & sounds AMAZING D:

  3. @ Emy - Hahah it really works well for me, perhaps you should give it a shot?

    @ Tori - I've found it to be a great investment just remember to blend well and dust some powder on top

  4. do u know how much you bought it and where to buy it?

  5. i mean a site that is not in japanese

  6. @ hoangyenpham - I bought it from a physical store in Singapore, so I'm not quite sure which online stores have it in stock

  7. Hi,
    I've gone to Taka to look for it... Didn't see any stall selling Covermark products. Even asked a sales assistant and she said there is no such product.

    Do you mind sharing which part of Taka exactly it can be found? :)

  8. @ Anonymous - Sorry for the late reply, the store which I went to was Orchard Takashimaya that has an entire area selling makeup products, not a shop by itself.

    Its at the side close to the largest cashier and right next to the escalator, you kindda need to squeeze behind a counter. The counter is coloured in green if I remmebr correctly and there's a sign saying Covermark right at the top. I know my directions are bit sketchy but I'm not quite sure to how to direct exactly, because I'm recalling from memory. Just stick close to the escalators and you should be able to find it

  9. You can go to and get it.

  10. do u feel comfortable with covermark on ur face? i have Covermark Foundation - Waterproof concealer , and it is too heavy :S cant wear it ...

  11. You can find it at level 3 Taka. The counter is located in the men's department at the fragrance section. It real good. Perfect coverage without causing breakouts at all. Price is now $50 no longer 40.