Saturday, February 5, 2011

Personal Outfits 50 & 51 (Chinese New Year Eve & Day 1)

I've finally found some time to sit down and write this post after the last few days of complete madness. My Family's Chinese New Year celebrations tend to zap quite alot of energy out of me as we zoom about from one house to the next before finally ending up at one house and hanging round there till the wee hours in the morning while everyone gambles away.

So two outfits for this post as I'm too tired to write out 2 separate posts and I actually wore another outfit today but forgot to take a photo of it, I'll do it next time when I'm visiting my dad's side of the family.

For New Year's eve, I wore this simple outfit, since its just a time for relatives to come together and eat till we're just bout to burst.

Spectacles: Uniqlo
Top: One Spo
Boho Skirt: Fleamarket find
Bag: Jill Stuart Mook Bag
My current super lazy mode hair, the double buns

Finally, for the first day of the new year, I got to dress up. It's also customary to wear new clothes to symbolise a new beginning

Shirt: Uniqlo
Tiered Skirt: One Spo

This cute shirt I got from Uniqlo was very much Liz Lisa inspired and the best part is, it's actually double-sided, so I have sort-of 2 different shirts for the price of one! And I snagegd it for only $9.90 at the current sale!

Tried this new hairstyle at the last minute in a tutorial I found in Betty magazine, the model's looked alot nicer because her hair was longer and thicker, so she had a higher messy bun. (Pardon the dirty mirror, my foundation sponge and mascara wand happened to knock into it while I was doing my makeup)

And a closer look at my makeup, I toned down on the eyeliner because my dad was chasing me out of the house.
This year's celebrations ended alot earlier because the older folks didn't have the energy to play their favourite mahjong game. It's bit sad since I grew up listening to the clacking of the mahjong tiles at every new year celebration, so it's quite a worrying sign for me at how much time is left to be with my grandparents.
On a good note, I met my Malaysian relatives today. Its hard to meet up with them since we aren't really close and we do live in different countries (despite being geographically near), but it was a good sign to finally hear the mahjong tiles clacking against each other again. As I sat on the sofa, half watching the show on TV and half listening to the noises around me such as the loud laughter of my aunts and uncles, the screaming of kids dashing around, the clacking of the mahjong tiles and coins, I actually felt like I was home, after a very long time.


  1. Awe, Happy New Year bb ♥ Your New Year's Day outfit is gorgeous! I love how you paired that floral top with the khaki skirt~ somehow that combination really works ♥ Your hair & makeup both look lovely too~
    Casual outfit is adorable also :3

  2. Happy New Yearrr!!
    You look absolutely gorgeousss in your outfits ^-^ <3 <3

  3. @ Tori - Thanks alot bb! Haha, it was only when i tried the top together with the skirt did I realise that the front print of the leaves matched in colour with the skirt! Hope you had a happy new year too!

    @ Melody - Thanks alot dear! Hope you had a happy new year too and red packets!