Monday, February 28, 2011

My Current Favourite Songs 11

This month really flew by so fast, and now its time once again for the next 5 songs selection:

butterfly (On/Off): Another song from the anime Durarara! I quite like the beat of this song and its a definite improvement from this group's first single (Vampire Knight first ending song, if you're curious). However i think they could definitely improve themselves and maybe get a new stylist. Their outfits in this video makes them look like a host or something.

dress (Buck-Tick): This is the opening song of one of my favourite anime, Trinity Blood. It was also my first introduction to this group. I haven't fully explored their works yet but I have to admit their stuff are good.

Senkou (Alice Nine): Woohoo!! Alice Nine's new single!!! I love it alot and my sis is such a fan that she's started buying all the first copies of their newly released stuffs. Haha, but she's pretty protective over her possessions because she likes to keep them in as good condition as she possibly can so I'm the evil one who downloads their stuff.

Resuscitated Hope (Lisa Komine): Another anime song. This is a fairly new anime that was just released with the new batch of animes, I'm usually not interested in animes that have prepubescent girls as the main character a la Rozen Maiden. But this story with its crime solving intrigues and Victorique's (the main girl) secret past hooked me real good. I'm impatiently waiting for the next episode to be released.

Blind Justice ~Torn Souls, Hurt Faiths~ (Zektbach, Pop n Music): I got addicted to this song after my friend roped me in for yet another cosplay and sent me this link. Its a really great piece to listen too whilst studying, because it doesn't make me listen too much to the lyrics but yet not sleep inducing at the same time. Its actually from the game Pop n Music, somewhat like a predecessor to the Vocaloids game. This composer has me highly addicted to his works. And if you're wondering, I'll be cosplaying the girl in this video, her name is Matin.


  1. No matter what alice nine does, I find myself always loving it <33333

  2. @ Ayame - Haha, alice nine is awesome!!! And is it just me but does it seem like Shou can get away with wearing anything without looking like he has a problem with his sexuality?