Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Personal Outfit 54 (Finally!! A Day of Dressing Up!)

Last weekend was the first time I actually dressed up and went out ever since my school started. It was nice being able to doll myself up but because I was pretty tired out I decided to wear a simple maxi dress. Easy to maneuver about in, comfy and yet looks great at the same time, what more could I ask for?

Maxi dress: Random Shop in Holland Village
Black bag: Random shop in Bugis Village
Wedges (not shown): Random shop in Orchard Central
(Great, I just realised I can't remember the exact shops I got my entire outfit from)
Yay! Curled my hair again after so long!! And to answer my dear readers who replied to my fringe post, I'm currently letting my fringe grow out to a side part, I may cut my fringe back to the blunt bangs again, but we'll see. Ah crap, I just noticed my eyes look bit wonky because of my fringe... >.<

I'll probably be attending the local cosplay event this Saturday, but because my new costumes haven't been finished yet or I'm not totally happy with it yet, I'll probably be reusing my old costumes, so I'll probably be Eager Love Revenge Miku (if I can get my megaphone by then) or Ciel Ballroom version again. Which would you guys prefer? Hahah

I'll also be switching up my makeup abit, I've decided to step outside my comfort zone and dabble in looks that I'd been fearful to try till now. So far the results have been better then I expected so I'll unveil them soon!

Till then take care guys!


  1. The simple maxi dress is a great look, it makes me sad its so cold here though TT I'm glad you could dress up again!

  2. You look so gorgeous! ♥ I love your hair & that dress makes you look SO TALL, haha!

  3. @ sze min ♥ - Thanks!

    @ さらまり - Hahah, try using a jacket or something to keep youself warm while wearing it! Plus with its flowy structure, you could always wear layers of tights under

    @ Tori - Thanks!!! I love that it gives he illusion of making me look tall too! I need all the height boosting I can get!