Saturday, March 26, 2011

There's a New Blonde in Town!!

Finally got my hair done after delaying any appointments for the longest time thanks to the never-ending array of project deadlines that have been looming before me. I went to another salon to get my haircut, not the one from before because it seems that that guy (I forgot his name), left Singapore to find his girlfriend in Taiwan or something like that. I hope she's grateful because she's denying me the services of a damn good hairdresser right now! So now I've finally got my straight fringe back. As much as I like welcome the change and enjoyed experimenting with different looks with the side fringe, somehow I feel the straight fringe is more "me" and it matches alot better with my new hair colour. I've yet to test the skills of this new hairdresser because I haven't tried curling my hair yet, maybe I'll do it later or something.

Anyway, the day before, Pochi and her bf accompanied me to get my hair colour done. The nasty roots have been growing out so I needed help ASAP! That was when I finally went blonde!

First bleaching session, you can still see the nasty black roots here. Eugh!!

Second bleaching session, its alot lighter now and I could feel the burning sensation from the bleach... oh well, short term pain for long term gain I guess

Washing out the bleach, it was still a nasty shade of orange and yellow, but the hairdresser didn't want to risk frying my hair by leaving the bleach on any longer, so she decided to dye over it.

Tadaah!! The end result! Pardon my face here, I had on only basic makeup and I didn't bother touching up my lip colour after it had been wiped off.
Its still more yellow then I had hoped, so I'm abit disappointed but at least its a step to getting my hair as blonde as Nonoka's. I'll probably go back and bleach my hair again next month or so. I had initally decided to carry on with my previous hair colour becasue I had really loved it, but with the sudden influx of covergirls on Japanese magazines having similar hair colours, I knew it would only be a matter of time before most other girls would start asking for the same hair colour, and I hate being a clone of others, so I proceeded with my next plan. Which was to get my hair like Nonoka's!
However, as much as I like her blond hair with a purple streak down one side, I think pink is still more of my colour, so I'll get a pink streak next time, once my hair is white enough that is. Steph and I talked about it and she's missing her pink hair too hahah! So we may end up sharing a bottle of pink dye and helping each other do streaks in our hair!


  1. looks good :) I would just try to moisturize your hair as much as possible until you dye it again! :D

  2. Looking good! ♥
    I want to go Nonoka blonde too, but I chickened out with my home bleach haha XD

  3. Have you tried the purple/silver shampoo? Many people told me that helps make blond look more white rather than yellow.

    But its so nice you could lighten your hair, it looks cute on you!

  4. I think blonde and pink would look so good on you :)

  5. I love the results! I wanna change to blonde too!

  6. @ Hyuna - Yeap yeap, its sooo important otherwise my hair would die if I don't moisturize it properly! I've gone hair care crazy with conditioning daily, using hair masks every few days and a night treatment nightly!

    @ Tori - Hahah, I would seriously suggest going to a salon to get the colour initially becasue the bleach can really burn if not done carefully, I was tearing abit when I did my second bleach partly becasue of the fumes and partly because of the pain from the burning

    @ さらまり - Thanks alot! Ooh I tried searching for those shampoos, but I coudn't find them on the shelves of my local supermarket, which means that it can only be found in salons, which equals expensive!!! >.<

    @ ☆~Jenia~☆ - Thank you!!

    @ xsakisaki - Hahahah, thanks!

    @ chiihime - Give it a go!!