Monday, March 7, 2011

Personal Outfit 55 (Steph's Epic Tattoo!)

Accompanied Steph today to get, as she puts it, her "epic tattoo" as its the largest tattoo she's gotten so far. It was pretty interesting to watch the tattoo getting done up close, since I've only seen the process on TV. Its kindda made me feel like getting my own tattoo even more but considering I'm doing alot more cosplays these days, I don't think I can afford the cash or to bother concealing it for events and shoots. So maybe next time...

Anyway check out the process of her wolf tattoo:

The beginning of the tattoo, the purple parts are the guidelines for the artist
The first part done

Second break, the wolf looks alot fluffier now

And 4 hours later, the awesome result!

Wore a comfortable outfit (luckily too, because we couldn't find the location of the shop and ended up walking around blindly for abit):
Prada Blazer: Salvation Army (Score!!)
V-neck white shirt: Giordano
Denim Shorts: Cotton On
Stockings: This Fashion
Leopard bag: Jimmy Choo
After Steph's encouragement and my aunt giving me a red lipgloss, I finally got to try out red lips. I really like it and it's different from my usual look. My mom complained the red was too bright though and the Bf doesn't like dark lip colours because he equates it to older women makeup.
I do like my look with the red lipgloss and its definitely a whole different spectrum form what I'm used to. But then again you're only young once right?
P.S. I'll update bout my day of cosplay soon, once the photographers pass me the pictures


  1. Wow, her tattoo is amazing ♥ I really admire girls who can get a tattoo like that & have no regrets... I've always wanted to get one but I'm so A.D.D. about things, I feel like I'll end up hating it & then be stuck with it XD
    You look gorgeous with red lips too ♥ Boo on your bf for saying it's an old woman look! lol

  2. Steph's tattoo looks very epic indeed! If I got a tattoo I would want something that means alot to me and that I would always want to see even when I'm 75 haha.

    I agree, you look great with red lips, its not a shocking red (you're mom is wrong haha) so it looks lovely with my styles I think. Oh don't even listen to your bf, the vast majority of men know absolutely nothing about fashion TT

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  4. ooh that's so pretty, like a cherry red! i'm so glad you're using a shade of red that suits you; the one that xiaxue that used in one of her cooking GTL vids (for example) looked terribly tacky on her!

    you've convinced me that every girl can wear red lippie, it just has to be the right shade!

  5. What a mad tattoo, she has guts! It doesn't look like she even bled.. Did she? .... Looks like Demon ;P

    I love this look on ya, so sophisticated & mature & red lipstick! FINALLY! Looks really pretty!

  6. @ Tori - Haha I've been wanting a tattoo for awhile now, but I always change my ideas about what I want that why I've been holding back. But I've had the idea of having a butterfly on my shoulder for many years now, so I'll probably go with that as my first tattoo. Hahah, thanks and well, he's entitled to his own opinion haha.

    @ さらまり - Yes! I agree, you had better be certain about the tattoo you want instead of getting one that you regret years later.
    Hahah, thanks, I told my mom maybe she's just not used to the look haha, and yea at least the bf doesn't stop me from wearing what I want.

    @ Ursie - Thank you. You definitely have to look around for the perfect red lippie for you, many brands offer red lippies but in varying shades, so try them all out before commiting to one.

    @ Desire - I'm not sure if she bled, because the tattoo artist kept wiping as he did the tattoo, but she did say it hurt abit in the later half of the tattoo. Hahah, Demon looks so wolf-ish that's why!
    Thank you, and I'm glad I tried out this look.