Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Comifest 2011

*Warning, post is image heavy!

Finally updating about the recent cosplay event I went to. I did go to another event after this but is was seriously small (even smaller then this one), and I didn't bother cosplaying so I won't even mention the last one. Anyway, this event was called Comifest, and my first cosplay of the year, it was really tiny because unlike AFA where we had 2 stories of space to wander around in, this event was held at the same location, but the space had shrunk down to a mere 1/4 of the AFA event space. Cosplayers were left mingling with young couples who were there to check out the wedding fair and career fair that were going on around us.

It was pretty funny to see young women gawking at our costumes because some of us had costumes that could rival the gowns that the wedding fair stallholders were trying to sell. Anyway I re-cosplayed Ciel ballroom ver. because of technical difficulties with my current other costumes, and this one fit me the best anyway.

Anyway, fun pics of the event are up first:

Bumped into a friend at the event

Made a new friend too, I think she's a newbie into the cosplay world because she was very nervous bout asking for pictures and kept asking her friends how to pose.

"Family " portrait, haha, the other 3 cosplayers are from the series Inazuma Eleven ( a football game/anime) and the guy was a saikang (helper)

My friends and I had a laugh when they made me pose next to the mannequin decked out in a wedding dress. Did I mention, alot of wedding stallholders were sneakily taking pictures of my costume, and I overheard one lady saying, "I want a gown like that!" Wahahahah!!!

And now the nice pictures, its because my photographer took awhile to pass them to me, that's why this post is up so late *glares*:

Hijacked a wedding display for my shoot location. Hey, I wasn't the only one, there was a cosplay couple who spent the good first half of the day just sitting there and taking pictures, I was there for 20 minutes max!

Another pretty shot

Last shot from the hijacked wedding decor area
The next 2 photos are from a different photographer (thanks Nicholas!), credits to him:
I love this shot, He actually took it when I was taking a break and sitting down at a staircase

This shot is one of my favourites, he stuck a flash behind me to get the effect

I also met a reader of this blog at the event (Hi if you're reading this!), and sorry that I didn't have any coscards on me this time. I'll definitely have some for SOY!
I also made friend with a newbie cospayer whom I managed to bully into becoming my male prop for a photoshoot and a cosplay. So he's gonna be the guy in my Just Be Friends shoot and Claude in my Alois Trancy cosplay. hahahahaha, I finally get a butler to boss around!

P.S. I'm still worried bout the nuclear crisis going on in Japan, its seriously terrible that they're facing not just one but 3 disaster all at the same time. So try and donate if you can, if not, you can always play this game: http://freerice.com/ they give rice for every correct answer you get as you play the game. It donates rice not just to Japan but the world over, so you see, there's always some way for you to help!

P.P.S. I also just read this site: http://www.facebook.com/notes/jun-shiomitsu/japan-quake-as-seen-from-twitter-translated-by-me-so-quality-questionable/10150121176733830 and the stuff that other Japanese are doing to help their fellow countrymen warms my heart. Read it, if your heart can no longer take seeing the images of devastation. The stories of how people help each other warms me to the core and shows just how every person's actions can affect many others.


  1. Your cosplay looks beautifullll !
    I've seen tonnes of people cosplay as Ciel in this version; but yours is def one of the best that I've seen :D <33 !

    And ee, I really hope that the problems in Japan are settled asap T_T!

  2. @ Melody - Aww!!! Thanks for the compliment, I try to do my cosplays justice and get my costume, makeup and poses as close to the characters as possible. It helps that I have a drama background haha!

    Yes!!! It still breaks my heart everytime I read about their crisis but I still read and watch the news to keep updated bout their situation.

  3. Hmm... I'm pretty sure I've commented before but.... IDK.
    i said: thanks for the mention! hahaha ;D