Saturday, March 19, 2011

Personal Outfit 56 & 57 (Cosplay, cosplay...)

The last 2 times I actually dressed up nicely to go out were all related to cosplay one way or another. Its definitely a sign that cosplay has taken over my life especially since its left a permanent vacuum on my already thin wallet. Okay, I've digressed from the intended topic, anyway the first outfit was when I went to the recent Haru Bazaar. A super tiny, low-scale cosplay event which was filled with close to like only 10 cosplayers all of whom were newbies that I wanted to strangle at the poor shoddy quality of their costumes, wigs and makeup (or lack thereof..)

Anyway my outfit was something more comfy, becasue I met the Bf later for dinner and to check out the IT fair with him. I have a love/hate relationship with these brown boots, they're comfy and look nice generally, but they make my legs look stumpy and fat and I always forget how slippery their soles are. A testament to how bad their soles are was that I took a tumble just outside Cineleisure whilst walking hurriedly. It was embrassing of course, but I did the usual "get up, check self, dust knees in a cutesy way and pretend nothing happened and walk off" routine, though I did see a guy giving me a worried look as I quickly shuffled off.

Black off-shoulder slouchy knit top: Zara
Tiered floral skirt: Nichii
Brown suede boots: Bought in Shanghai
I was bored of my usual makeup style and decided to try something bit different, so I drew a wingtip liner style with an Anna Sui purple eyeliner pencil I had bought ages ago. I also used a simple white shadow with pinkish tinge as the base shadow. Toned down the rest of my makeup though my fake lashes were my usual go-tos of Dollywink No.2 and 5
The other outfit was when I went out with Kenneth, Joshua, Tristan and Esther yesterday to drop by the tailors to get our costumes done. I'm actually down with the flu but I didn't want to waste a day recuperating at home and feeling the strain of project deadlines and I needed to get a costume done for a upcoming shoot.

Fake 2 piece dress: Taobao
Belt: Taobao
Goggles (worn as a hairband): Random shop in Far East Plaza
Engineer boots: Bought in Macau
Yes, I wore goggles out as a hairband. I got inquisitive stares of course, but I'm used to it now. I got the idea after seeing a random gyaru in a MV(I forgot which...) wearing a pair of goggles (probably from Tutuha) as a hairband and the image has kindda been stuck in my mind ever since.
A funny incident occured relating to my goggles. After visiting the tailors, we settled down for dinner in a little eatery tucked in an housing estate, a young couple kept staring at me and Joshua noticed it. He got bit irritated at them constantly staring at me throughout the dinner (I was oblivious on the otherhand), and actually went up to them and told them, "you can stop staring and just ask her about them if you're so curious you know". They promptly stopped staring and hurriedly left the eatery a short while after. I didn't even realise what he had done till much later after making a remark bout them. Haha, nice to have friends who stick up for you!
Anyway on a sidenote, I've finalised my plans for the upcoming Cosfest! I'll be doing Gintama's Kagura the Yoshiwara Arc version with Esther who'll be my brother, Kamui and then I'll also cosplay Alois Trancy the next day, and I managed to bully Tristan into becoming my Claude! Wahahahaha!!! So if any readers see me on those days don't hesitate to ask for a coscard and/or picture! I'll also be cosplaying Eager Love Revenge's Miku for SOY so just spot a large Eager Love Revenge team and I should be there!


  1. Hahaa, I think the goggles as a headband is actually a cute idea!! XD Kind of 'punk gal' if you will~

  2. @ Tori - Hahaha, yea now that you mention it, it's very punk-ish, kindda like something a model in Kera would wear.