Monday, January 31, 2011

My Current Favourite Songs 10

This month's selection is bit more anime inspired, because I've finally managed to catch up on my backlog of anime. But of course, I can't leave out my favourite J-rock groups. Not especially when they've recently released new singles and videos to enjoy.

Red (The Gazette): I love this new single alot more then Shiver, I find this is truer to their orginal style. And it's been awhile since I've seen Ruki drawing the stripes down his neck.

Senkou (Alice Nine): I'm not so much of a fan of their new look, bit too colourful and reminds me too much of An Cafe. Good thing, their music is just as good as before though I have one thing to say, "OMG!!! Saga, who permed your hair? Please sue the person for giving you such an awful head of bad curls, please please please not have this hairstyle again in your next look okays?"

Trust Me (Yuya Matsushita): I got addicted to this song after going on a Durarara!!! anime marathon. I actually prefer the song more then this video and the singer, he just looks bit too much like those K-pop kindda hip-hop singer, and I'm not really a fan of K-pop. Plus, it doesn't help that I find the bridge kindda weird, the sudden addition of the zither just seems so out of place. But other then that, this song is seriously addictive.

Regret Message (Vocaloids, Kagamine Rin): This song always tugs at my heart strings whenever I listen to it. Full of the shadow of regret yet it fades away with the glimmer of hope at the end, this song is both heart-wrenching and yet leaves me hopeful for the future. The song is part of the Servant of Evil series and according to the timeline, it happens after the events of both the Daugther and Servant of Evil songs.

Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa (Kalafina): An insert song for Kuroshisuji II (aka Monoshitsuji), the style is reminiscent to another song that I had highlighted before in this column called Everytime You Kiss Me. If you compard the two songs, there are many similarities from the use of the violin and flute to the indecipeherable words that the singers mumble halfway through the song. So I highly suspect that the arranger or music writer could be the same person, perhaps Yoko Kanno? But the lyrics are really nice and suit the sombre mood of the song.

I'll be MIA-ing abit because of Chinese New Year celebrations and taking the time to finish up some assignments that are due soon, but I'll try to post pictures of my new year outfits once I get the time to do so.

Have a Happy Chinese New Year people! May the year of the Rabbit bring you some luck!


  1. I missed those neck stripes! So I was so happy when he had them again. Gosh, I remember when I was so into the GazettE I had plan to dress like Reita and Ruki everyday.

    But if I were a guy, I'd totally dress like Ruki. He's so fabulous.

  2. @ Ayame - Yes, the neck stripes are such a definitive feature of Ruki's stle! Hahahah, Visual Kei style is fabulous if done right and Ruki has one of the best tastes in clothes IMHO