Sunday, January 9, 2011

Haircut & New Jacket

Hi all, I'll be starting my University classes this coming Monday, so I'm reallly nervous bout meeting new people and all that. I mean, I do know some people from our previous pre-requisite modules that we had together, but who knows how many of them will be in the sam eclass as me? Hence, the nerves...

Oh crap, I've digressed again and started rambling. Hahah so back to the main point, I had a haircut yesterday! I was recommended this new hairdresser by my sister's godmother (who was also suffering from having Tony disappear from our lives), so I thought I'd give it a try since after 2 unsatisfactory haircuts, I doubt anything worse could actually happen.

The result!
I love love love the new hairdresser, his name is Kenzo (spot the person in stripes in the back? That's him!) and he's really sweet and paid alot of attention to the most minute of details such as making sure my fringe was balanced. After creating lovely layers to my hair, he created the waves in my hair by twisting with a straightening iron. So I'll try my luck in recreating the above look with my own hair tools. Unfortunately, he's camera shy, so no pics of him.

I know my makeup here is looking very plain, but I was in a hurry and besides, this is my "school" makeup. Nothing fancy, just eyeshadow, liner, mascara and pink flush to the lips and cheeks. No lashes at all!

Anyway, after trying real hard to resist the temptation to get a new jacket. I finally crumbled and got myself this olive utility jacket from Topshop. I've been wanting an olive jacket for the longest time, especially those with the fur-lined hood and cuffs but the ones available are either really thin like wind-breakers or are over my price limit.

This one isn't exactly my dream olive jacket as it doesn't have the fur details and it's 2 sizes too big for a fitted jacket, however, because of it's thick material and slouchy look, I was sold. It also helped that the price had been knocked down to $69.90, a far cry from it's initial sellling price all because it was past season stock and there's some barely noticeable blue ink stain on a sleeve. Don't you just love a good sale?

Anyway, I just got myself some newskincare/makeup products so expect plenty of product reviews pretty soon!


  1. Love your hair!
    I'm looking for a good hairdresser.. still haven't found one ~.~

  2. OMG PERFECT STYLE :o I envy you for your brilliant stylist and good luck on Monday, I'm sure they'll all immediately fall in love with you, hehe

  3. Your hair looks so pretty.
    Wish I could style my hair like that.

  4. lovely hairdo! hope it's easy to maintain though. (:

  5. Gorgeous new haircut bb~! ♥ It's always nice when you find a stylist who really gets what you want & does well!
    Good luck on your first day of uni~ I'm sure you'll be fine! ;Dyy

  6. @ Tasja - Thank you! I know the pain of not finding a good hairdresser, but don't give up yet! I'm sure there's one out there!

    @ Anne Crystal - Haha, thank you! I'll probably be sticking with him. Hmm, I'm not sure but the falling in love with me part, but I guess all the nerves were for nothing, haha!

    @ Mickey - Thank you, and I wish I could style it that way too! I haven't been able to recreate the look with my own tools -____-"

    @ ursie - Thank you! It is easy to maintain in terms of leaving it straight, but I haven't yet tried to curl it, which is more challenging and where most stylists fail at. So hope it turns out well!

    @ Tori - Thanks babe! Yes, finding a good stylist is almost like finding a diamond out of all the coal you get! Hahha, my first day turned out better then expected but not everyone's totally friendly yet hahah