Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Results from ELR Miku Shoot

Here's the photos that resulted from the photoshoot I had last week. In the end, I chose not to do any editing to the pictures as they turned out really neat despite me being so stiff that day. So kudos to Usagi-san for the great pictures

First up as facial shots. We did it at the end of the shoot actually so pardon if I look bit tired. It's not easy walking around in soft sand and rocks in platform heels that are bout 5 inches high.

I'm so tempted to use either one as my future coscard picture.

The graffiti added character to the pictures and fruther emphasised the gritty nature of the Eager love Revenge series.

Shots on/at the train track

I love this picture of Esther and I though we're technically from different series

Bonus shot of Esther looking absolutey adorable during our lunch break, she kept complained bout looking fat in some of the pictures but I think it suits her because she is supposed to be a shota character.

And to be fair, a proper looking shot of her.

These are just some of the many pictures taken and despite the shoot being only bout 3 hours long, the pictures turned out great. So once again I have to thank Usagi-san for the pictures, Esther for arranging the shoot and helping me with my wig and of course Wan Keat for being a lookout in case a train rushed by and flattened us all.
Anyway this coming saturday, I'll be assisting in a photoshoot with my friend. Its alittle casual shoot so nothing fancy, it's really funny that I seem to be getting more and more involved in cosplay. I figured it'll be a side thing but I've realised how its slowly started to become a real part of my life. Not that I'm actually complaining, just bit surprised at the way things turned out.
I'm still into gyaru and probably will be for quite awhile, its just that my priorities (and budget) has changed with the many new things that have come along so I probably will slow down on the outfit posts as nowadays I end up running around in simple outfits with straightened hair that takes merely 5 minutes to do. But I'll still try to update things such as trends and such. After all, a girl still has to look good right?


  1. that's such a good cosplay! You look so cuuute ^_^b

  2. @ Janne - Thanks alot! But I'll be doing some tweaks to my costume and makeup to improve it!