Friday, January 21, 2011

ELR Miku Photoshoot

As promised, here are the behind the scenes pictures of the Eager Love Revenge Miku shoot that I did recently with the awesome Usagi (I keep calling him Usa-san hahahah).

The pictures are a combination of photographs from Usagi and Wan Keat using my camera:

Esther helping me clip on my ponytails. She was cosplaying a character from Inazuma.

The fabulous Usagi-san, with his bag full of photography wizard-ry hahaah
A picture of Usagi-san and I during the shoot

Wan Keat is kindda cut off here due to our sucky camwhore skills, however this is the only picture I have of her at the shoot and it's only right to thank her for helping us out.

Bonus shot! Eager Love Revenge's Miku dancing and smiling crazily

Actually, Usagi-san has already sent to me the pictures from the photoshoot. But I'm still trying to sift through them to pick out the best shots and maybe tweak them abit. Its pretty difficult since the shots are all really nice so I'm trying my best to see which are more in character, so once I've done so, I'll upload them here too.
Anyway for this photoshoot, I would really like to thank Wan Keat for assisting us, Usagi-san for his brilliant photography skills and most of all Esther for arranging the whole thing and helping me out with so many things.
Lets hope there's more shoots like this in the future!

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