Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, New Hair

I finally got my hair done after tolerating an overgrowth of nasty black roots for the longest time ever. It was so bad that I had to constantly wear a wide hairband or hat to cover the roots, but I've finally gotten it fixed.

I wasn't too sure what colour exactly to dye my hair and I was thinking of doing some kindda ashy blonde colour, but as I was travelling there, I happened to be flipping through some old pictures of Rinka and I really loved her old, lighter hair colour. So it was a snap decision, right there and then. But it came out alright.

I showed my hairdresser this picture:

Rinka's old, orange-y, blonde hair

My resulting hair colour

The picture really doesn't do it justice due to my sucky camera and room lighting. The colour is alot lighter and has more copper-y and orange tone in it and my skintone looks fairer too! Haha, so much so that I was asked if I was a half (mixed-blooded) by a salesgirl, hahahah.
I've just realised that I'm really behind on my makeup reviews, so I promise I'll get them done soon. I have everything ready, it's just a matter of the taking the time to sit down and write the post out so I'll do them as soon as possible okays?


  1. I've been letting my roots grow out for too long too. >o< The hair color you chose turned out quite nice! There's just too many colors to choose from!

  2. omg it looks almost identical to Rinka's! ♥ Looks gorgeous, bb~!

  3. @ Dolly - Hahha, I hate the look of my dark roots against light coloured hair, so I try to hide it however possible. Thanks that you find the colour nice and I wholeheartedly agree that there's way too many colours and styles to choose from @_@

    @ Tori - Thanks, the colour looks alot better in the sun but I think the picture in my haircut post shows the colour more accurately.

  4. lovee your hair! it looks super super good! and i love your layout!