Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Makeup Review: Kate Makeup Base BB Cream

Hi guys, I'm finally writing out this review which is so overdue to the point that I'm actually on my second tube (>.<)" gomen nasai!!!

But the fact that I've decided to stick with this product instead of trying out another already proves just how good this product is, to me personally of course....

The product in question is:

Some properties of the base according to various sources (I couldn't read the packaging as it was in Japanese):
Moisturizing base
SPF 31 PA++
Evena out skintone
Of course, my horrible skin during PMS once again, to test out the extent of the coverage a product has

And after applying the base onto my skin, open pores are covered but minimal coverage to other blemishes. However, my number one reason for loving the product is the gorgeous glow it gives especially when combined with my RMK foundation.

Its really sheer when I apply it, however it does provide a decent amount of moisturizing proeprties to my skin plus it covers most of my open pores decently, so when running errands round my neighbourhood, I've taken to just applying it and nothing else. Plus point is that usually with my other bases, if I hadn't applied my moisturizing cream the night before, it's pretty obvious with to me becasue of the larger pores and rougher skin texture. However, after applying this base, it makes little difference if I actually did apply my moisturizer or not, so on lazy nights, I sometimes skip my night time skincare ritual because the results aren't as obvius the next day.

When combined with my RMK cream foundation, this base's true worth is shown and it gives my skin the most incredulous glow that seems to radiate from within. I get the kind of skin that you stare at magazine ads and wish you had the models' kind of skin, the product is that awesome!
So summary:

Coverage: 7/10 (Covers pores seamlessly, however that's the most it can cover in terms of blemishes, however, it moisturizes skin so you get smoother skin from using it)

Sebum Control: 8/10 (It looks like the skin is bordering on being oily, however, once you get used to it, you realise it's just the glowy look that's been created on your skin)

Texture: 9/10 (lovely creamy texture that's easy to apply and defintiely better then Mjoilca's pore cover)
Price: 9/10 (Cost bout $20++, if I remember correctly it's a tad pricier then Majolica's pore cover)

Amount needed: Bout the size of a coin should be enough for the entire face

Smudge-proof: It smuges whenever I apply this base simply as a sunscreen, however, with my full makeup on, it barely smudges and only creases at my laugh lines at the end of the day)

Overall: I totally recommend this product to anyone and everyone I know. I'll probably end up sticking with this product unless something else that is alot better comes along as it's my go to product for glowy skin now. However, because both this and my RMK foundation have minimal coverage, I had to hunt around for a good concealer to conceal any blemishes I have. However, that's my only gripe for this product. Awesome product for an awesome price!

I currently haven't been taking pictures of myself much due to my busy schedule, however if you do want to see how my makeup look likes with this base on, then flip over to my cosplay pictures of Kagamine Rin (Neko version) and Ciel Ballroom gown version. Both these cosplays were done using this base. I did my Sandplay cosplay using the Majolica Majorca Pore cover base but it failed me and I ended up rejecting pictures from several photographers because my face was too shiny in them.
So, the in the last 2 cosplays, I personally felt my makeup looked alot better then before, and before I forget, Popteen recently ranked this base at it's 3rd favourite base in February's issue in the annual makeup products ranking chart. Therefore, I am really set on sticking to this product, that is until I get bored or find something better.
On a sidenote, I'm really busy because I'm trying to prepare for a last minute photoshoot on Thursday as one of the best photographers in the cosplay community is returning to Malaysia and wom't be back for who knows how long. So it could be my last chance to work with him, hence I need to really milk it for it's worth. I'll be using my Eager Love Revenge Hatsune Miku costume, so I've been rushing about and finishing up last minute touches such as sewing a pair of glvoes and such. I really hope this photoshoot turns out well as I feel really deprived of any nice pictures of myself currently.
I may write a post about the shoot and may show some behind the scenes stuff, so hope you guys'll look forward to it!


  1. OMG that's nice BB cream!
    I like that it's really light, but do you recommend it to people with sensative skin? The last time I wore BB cream I constantly broke out all over my face :(

  2. The BBcream seems nice >w<!
    I can see a nice coverage, but it isn't cakey ^w^!
    I hope everything works out with the photographer ·A· !!


  3. @ Emy - I have really sensitive skin too! And since it's worked pretty well for me, perhaps it mgiht be okay for you? I know the fear of trying new products when you have really senstive skin, but if this product doesn't cause you to break out, I think you might just love it!

    @ super-rabbit - Yes, its an awesome product! It doesn;t cake my foundation, that's why I love it so much. Hahah, it did! You can read bout it in my new post!

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    Thanks for amazing review.