Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Schedule Book and Funny Lecturers

To cope with my new schedule and upcoming projects, I really depend on my trusty schedule book. Its a pretty common thing to have for most people in Japan, or so I hear...

I know for those of you who depend on Blackberries and such for your schedules may find it pretty old school, but I find something really endearing about using this old school method of tracking dates. Perhaps its a childish fancy but I always get alittle twinge of pleasure in jotting diwn dates in a cursive style and labelling particularly important dates with cute little stickers.

My new schedule book resembles a chocolate bar, perhaps it'll subconciously stop my sugar cravings. But then again, it might just increase the temptation...

It's both a monthly and weekly schedule decorated with cute little creatures all enjoying sweet treats in soft pastel colours.

On a side note, I've met my lecturers for the 3 modules I'll be doing and all I can say is that they're a real eclectic bunch. I have no idea how my school managed to get them as lecturers but they're personal histories are as interesting as their subjects. I have a pretty cute looking guy teaching me Public Relations who's a consulate to Madagascar, a weathered old war journalist with plenty of scars to show off and fascinating stories about the Vietnam War lecturing on Media Law and lastly, a funky singer (self-proclaimed rock star) who's bending all the school rules as much as she possibly can whilst lecturing us on Media Audiences.

Should be a real interesting Semester....

P.S. Because I'll be taking double majors in Public Relations and Journalism, both of which require alot of report writing, I might not be able to update this blog as frequently. However, I'll do my best write as frequently as I possibly can, so do check back for updates!


  1. oh my god thats amazing i want it aha!

  2. Awe, your schedule book is adorable! ♥ I'm old-fashioned when it comes to keeping my schedule too, haha~ there's just something about being able to write stuff down that makes it easier to manage XD

  3. @ Maria May - Haha, yes it's really adorable!

    @ Keely Valentine - hahah, perhaps you could find it in a bookstore near you? I got mine from Kinokuniya

    @ Tori - Yes, I totally agree, I remember events alot more easily when I had written it down and it seems so much easier to get it done after being written down