Thursday, June 14, 2012

Personal Outfit (Neko Hairstyle & Snow White)

Went out last weekend and finally got the chance to dress up after too damn long. It's been rather mentally challenging on me with some of the things I had to do lately, hence the delayed post. I've also been sleeping alot lately to make up for the strain but enough about me and my poor woes.

Like I said, I finally got the chance to dress up abit, and unfortuantely I wasn't feeling that inspired so I randomly threw on some clothes and hey! presto! A more rokku style outfit, though not exactly so.... I later decided to try out the famous Neko (cat) ear hairstyle to spice up the outfit.

Top: Can't remember
Jacket: Ed Hardy
Skirt: Laggy

 My Neko mimi hairstyle though the "ears" aren't exactly pointed or as large as I had hoped, shall use larger bunches of hair on my next try. But I still think it isn't bad for a first attempt despite being lopsided (>.>)

I love love love my new Ed Hardy jacket, it isn't the typical tattoo print style that Ed Hardy is known for, instead it's a grey shade with distressed effect with a metallic butterfly on the back. It's also incredibly comfy and large enough to bury myself in, plus it has a large hood so it's the perfect jacket to hide myself when I don't feel like communicating with anyone in the public.  

I watched Snow White & The Hunstman that day, and I already knew it wasn't gonna be a masterpiece judging from all the scornful remarks my friends had made but what I didn't expect was how I would wind up laughing continuously at everything in the movie.

I found alot of things amsuing like how Snow White was the only person in the army not wearing any armour despite being the most person of most importance when they went to war, and like how the meeting with the stag in the forest was like a copied scene from Studio Ghibli's Princess Mononoke movie. Plus, sorry to all Kristen Stewart fans, but the girl has as much expression as a brick wall! I only saw 1 facial expression from her throughout the movie and it was the same face she made in the entire twilight franchise. In the end, the only things I truly liked bout the movie was how well the evil queen was portrayed by Charlize Theron, her wardrobe, and watching Chris Hemsworth swing his axe around like he was still Thor.


  1. I love your hair :) super cuteee, I wanna try that style one day xD I saw Snow White and the Huntsman as well! I actually kinda liked it, except for the corny bits...haha

    1. Thanks alot, you should definitely give it a go! Haha the movie had some pretty corny bits but I enjoyed the costumes in the movie the most