Friday, June 1, 2012

Casual Photoshoot

I had a casual photoshoot some time back as I was feeling incredibly deprived of photoshoots and I had intended to try out an audition for a maid cafe at that time. Well, the maid cafe audition fell through because I had an immensely negative vibe as I was typing out the application (I trust my sixth sense alot, & I found out later there were people involved in the cafe that I'd rather not meet) but I did get some lovely pictures out of the shoot.

Kenneth was again the amazing photogrpaher for the day and we also had another model that day, Millie! She went for the audition and passed, so I'll definitely head down to the Japanese Arts Fiesta event just to suppport her!

 Casual Outfit with a short wig, I felt really lazy to bother styling my hair that day, so wigs came to the rescue!

 I like the whole look of the outfit plus the wig, very boyish casual style.

 Changed to another outfit & wig after some shots. This is my other Priscila wig, looks pretty real right? I also used the same wig for my Penguindrum cosplay last Cosfest

 We had tea at TWG, I had a super scrumptious apple tart with vanilla bean ice cream and a sticky caramel wafer. I also ordered White Tea (the proper name eludes me, I remember it was moon something and I ordered it simply because it was the tea that Ciel's soul was trapped in the box in Kuroshitsuji II), the tea was really light and sweet with a delicate scent. I really wanna go back there again!

 Camwhoring (or as Millie calls it, selca) with Ken's DSLR while I enjoy my tea

 Pervy smile because Millie was letting me listen to a Japanese dating game's voice actor. Millie bought the really cute earphones from Swimmer in Japan, I want it soo bad!!! It's so cute and comfy and the sound quality is pretty good! 

 The super adorable Millie! Isn't she pretty? I wanna hug her everytime I see her, she just oozes cuteness in the most natural way. Do support her at the maid cafe if you pop by the Japanese Arts Fiesta event!

Millie later loaned me her beautiful dress for this shot

I was hoping to be able to get at least one cosplay shoot done during my holidays, but unfortunately Kenneth has been pretty held up at work and I'm waiting for my other team members to get their costumes and stuffs done. So my next cosplay shoot will probably be in June, but it's alright as this will give me time to get my Cosfest costume and prop ready as I was recruited at the last moment for a massive team cosplay.

So I've got to settle my cosplay stuffs as well as cope with my schoolwork, it's a tricky thing balancing the two but things always work out in their own ways.


  1. You looked gorgeous! I would have ordered the same tea too just because of kuroshitsuji!

  2. thnk you & I totally know right? I would probably research all the teas Sebby has ever served Ciel just to try them out hahaha (total fan girl)