Saturday, June 23, 2012

What's In My bag (Streamlined)

Snapped a quick picture of the contents of my bag before going out on an errand. These are the stuffs that I've been carrying lately in my easy, go-to bag for quick trips. I love how its  bigger then its appearance & I snagged it for an uber cheap price during a Mphosis sale.
  • Umbrella (for Singapore's crazy, unpredictable weather)
  • Purse
  • IPhone (what will be my life be without this awesome gadget?)
  • A book (in this case, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time which inspired the anime-style movie)
  • Mp3 (I always listen to it while commuting)
  • Sunglasses (Protection against the terrible sun, these cats eye zebra print glasses are fun & add a quirky touch to any outfit)
  • Cardholder 
  • Lipgloss (Elf brand for those who are curious, my current favourite gloss)
  • Hadanomy collagen mist (a quick spritz quenches the skin & perks me up)
What do you guys have in your bags?


  1. I love these type of posts! What we have in our bags tells a lot about a person D:!

    Love your sunnies, wish I needed an umbrella where I live haha.

    1. I so agree!! Sneaking a peek into a person's bag tells alot about their personality!

      Is it hot or there's just little chance of rain at where you live?

  2. Hey! This is my first time to your blog and I absolutely love it! (bumped into your blog while googling "canmake blushers")

    I went through your blog archive and it's so informative and not to mention totally adorable! :) I think I'll be coming back to your blog a lot more often to check out any more new beauty reviews and stuff.

    Keep up your amazing work!


    1. Hi dear, Thanks so much for the kind compliment! I'll upload more beauty reviews when i have the time, you could follow me via google friend connect so that you'll be updated whenever I upload a new post!