Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gamestart 2014

Gamestart was a really new event last year centring round.. well, games. Keen to have a look and test out new games, I decided to drop by the event plus it helped that you could enter the event for free if you were a cosplayer, so why not? I don't have that many game cosplays so I dug out whatever I could.

Cosplayed as Rise from Persona 4 for Day 1 and a girl actually yelped in excitement upon walking past me and then hurriedly shoved a camera to her companion insisting he take a quick shot of the both of us. 

At the event, there was a major testing area for the launch of the English version of Final Fantasy Type 0 so I decided the night before to cosplay as Cinque once more. Also convinced Jo to join me that day and I borrowed her Moogle toy as a prop as I didn't feel like dragging my mace through the crowd.

The event was small but promising as it was pretty well-organized with guest cosplayers and loads of places to test a wide variety of games. I do hope that they organize another event this year.

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