Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tokyo Girls Collection Autumn/Winter Show

cecil linc@Something borrowed Something new This trench coat is really cute, love the little hem detailing and the extra ribbon (from Cecil Linc)

Liz Lisa @Something borrowed something newThis jacket is both cosy yet edgy with the military detailing, the flouncy skirt softens the whole look, yet the boots still make it edgy (from Liz Lisa)

One Spo@something borrowed something new I'm not much of a rocker person but I like the overall look, and the extra 'oomph' by the leopard print hat (from One Spo)

murua@ something borrowed something newThis look is something that would be easy to imitate and I get the feeling that it'll become a over-worn staple in time to come, so better jump on it first beofre it becomes mediocre (from Murua)

aoyama@ something borrowed something newNot all the fashion shown were for the young and hip, office looks also took to the runway (from Aoyama)

uniqlo @ something borrowed something newThis is a look I can imagine myself in, plus the entire outfit is from Uniqlo, so it wouldn't be a problem getting it

If your an avid japanese fashion fanatic as I am, then by now, you would have heard of the recent huge fashion event called, Tokyo Girls Collection.

The event was held on Saturday (Japan time) or for people on my side of Earth, yesterday. About 70 different models and actresses strutted down the runway in the 6-hour event which was attended by about 20,000 fans.

Looking at the outfits being strutted down the runway, I guess I should pretty much stock up on plenty of leather (especially pants!!), tweed jackets, berets of different colours, plaid dresses, fur, striped tops, lace stockings/leggings etc.

Though I am still wondering how to translate the over-the-knee-boots trend over here, considering I'll pretty much die of overheating probably bout 5 minutes after putting the boots on, knee high socks perhaps?

Key colours to note:

  • Red
  • Black

  • White

  • Grey

  • Blue
  • Small amounts of pastels

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