Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nail art

Nail art@something borrowed something new My left hand, did the nail art on a single finger only...

Nail art@ something borrowed something new My right hand has a similar design except that it has one more crystal, I'm itching to 'bling' up the rest of my nails by adding more crystals

Had a little manicure session with my mother today, isn't it wondeful that bonding sessions between females are through such luxurious treatments?

I cannot fathom the idea of bonding through sport as most guys do, or could it be simply because I'm not very much the physically active type?

Anyway, did a lttle nail art too, I don't understand why most other girls would waste money simply by having their nails painted and nothing else when I could jolly well do the same thing at the comforst of my own home...

Personal preference I guess....

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