Friday, September 4, 2009

The shoes that Sandra wears whilst proposing and for the movie's poster, leave it to Chrisitian Louboutin to sex up something so basic

I adore the bit of edge the straps add to these otherwise, very basic shoes.. but of course they are waay out of my budget ...

So I had to settle for these "inspired" versions instead, they're from Charles & Keith and look really good, I also managed to get them bit cheaper and was priced round $30+ I think, thugh the disappointing part is that its a half size too small..

My virgin post for this blog, I'm hoping very much for this to be the Fashion side of me, unlike my other one which is the more personal/foodie side of me.

Anyway I'll start with the basics, which is but of course, shoes! Was very much inspired by the movie, The Proposal and Sandra Bullock's character and her lovely outfits.

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