Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Will Always be Myself

Whatever happens,

I will always be myself.

I don't care anymore,

What the people are thinking about me.

Because the fashion makes me attractive.

It's very cool!! Isn't it?

I just want to keep my style!


I like this poem that the brand Mercuryduo has put up onto their posters. This is just the thing that keeps me going when I hear about how other people has mocked me about my "weird" dressing.

Being in a country where self-expression is often considered "weird" simply because I do not look like the typical beehive hairstyle, overdone eyeliner, blogshopping, trend jumping clones that rule most of the streets and schools here. I have been the subject of mockery by simply wearing things that I like and being myself.

But then again who cares? I'll just stab them with my stiletto heels... Muahaha....


  1. who in this world wants to look like them (those ah lians)? not me!

  2. My sis says I look like a Lian!!!! *shoots her*