Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tokyo Girls Collection -Continued

Tokyo girls collection logo @something borrowed something new The huge billboard outside the Yoyogi National Gymnasium

Yoyogi gymnasium@ something borrowed something new Yoyogi National Gymnasium itself!! Most of the TGC shows including this year's one took place here

Japanese gals@something borrowed something new
Japanese hairstyle@ something borrowed something new
monotone japanese dressing @somehting borrowed something new

lip service dress@ something borrowed something new The girl's dress on the left is from the brand Lip Service, and was featured in the runway

Japanese guys at TGC @something borrowed something new The few guys that attended the show

This year's theme for the Tokyo Girls Collection event was called; "The Hunting".

According to the organizer's explanations of the theme: " 'The Hunting' , the theme for this year's TGC, is a lifestyle concept, encapsulating three key elements; "Tracking down those must-have items at TGC!", "young women empowering themselves" and "lighting-up the world with girl power as a tonic in tough times" "

Checking out the clothes on the runway is only half the fun, the rest of it is by checking out what the audience are decked out in for the event, and considering the attendance list runs in the thousands, there'll be a variety of styles amongst them ranging from Gyaru gals to Office Ladies and even the Goth lolitas and Punks.

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