Sunday, September 13, 2009

Personal Outfit

Wore this outfit for dinner with the family
Top: Uniqlo
Dress worn as skirt: Market in China
Beret: Accesorize
Cowboy boots: China
(Pardon the messy hair)
A look at my cute lamb wool rucksack, I'm always pawing at it whenever I bring it out of storage
Bag: Stussy (Bought in flea market in Australia)

Lately been kindda in a style rut, wich is pretty ironic since I have like tons of clothes in my wardrobe which are threatening to bury me alive should I tug something I shouldn't...

So this could only mean one thing and one thing only.... a wardrobe exorcism!!!!

Problem is actually getting started on it, the sheer mountain of clothes piled messily turns me off instantly, but I do know I have to get round to doing it... soon... maybe tomorrow.....

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