Saturday, April 3, 2010

Momoeri's Fake Lash Line

The lashes in Momoeri's line, plenty of pictures of her on the packaging

Different varieties of lashes

The lower lashes look pretty decent and remind me of Dolly Wink's No.5 Real Nude lashes

A picture of Momoeri modelling the lashes, but considering she's wearing her usual thick eyeliner, I can't tell if the lashes have a clear spine like Dolly Wink's or a black spine like most lashes

Momoeri and her company has released plenty of different items, from crystals for deco purposes to t-shirts.

Now following the success of Tsubasa's Dolly Wink Lash Line, Momoeri too has released her own line of lashes, but the difference maybe is that these lashes are being sold in Don quixote and other convenience stores in Japan.

The lashes don't look too bad, but since I probably can't get my hands on one, I don't have a say in the quality of the lashes.


  1. Oh interesting, the bottom lashes do look nice. I'd try them out if I saw them^^

  2. @ さらまり - yeah, the bottom lashes interest me too! But since it doesn't seem to have the mass amrketing appeal as Dolly Wink, I doubt I cld ever get my hands on them

  3. momoeri!!
    thanks for linking me baby! i just added you!

  4. @ Keely Valentine - Yes Momoeri!! She's a hot mom! Thanks for the link exchange!

  5. For some reason, I'm not feeling these lashes... They look like any other lashes to me.

    The bottoms lashes look like the bottom ones from cherrylashes? I think its called, i bought from them around december aha forgot the name


  6. I love Momoeri and that she is doing an eyelash collab makes me so happy. Really anything I can buy of hers I'm happy. She's such a role model!

    Most bottom lashes are clear, I think that's the prevailing trend. I'm going check at Hawaii Donki and see if they have them.

    So happy there's more Moery out!! <3 <3

  7. @ Desire - Haha, I think maybe it's the packaging, to a certain extent they remind me of those cheap lashes that just plaster on some celebrity's pics on the packaging and not like proper packaging of something of quality.

    @ Mitsu - Haha, yeah Momoeri is such a rolemodel, no matter how much I've stopped buying Ageha, I always pop by her blog to see her updates. Plus with her company, I guess there'll be plenty of stuff coming from her consdieirng she's been opening plenty of pop-up stores.

    OOh, its good that lower lashes are clear, sometimes I see ones with awful black spines that look so tacky and cheap, yeah check out if you can get ur hands on them!