Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Lashes

My MAC No.7 lashes!

My star accent lashes! (Sorry just stole this off the net as I forgot to take pictures of my own pair)

The Black Leather Lashes that I failed to get my hands on (photo taken off Sushi Cat, check out how it looks like on her!)

Hey sorry for the long time between my blog posts. My job has seriously been draining me of energy and not just physically but mentally too!

Anyway, as my job requires me to wear makeup everyday, thus, I have been wearin my circle lens and false lashes pretty much everyday which has resulted in my eyes becoming swollen, irritated and painful to the touch, so I finally understand why those magazine models' eyes look so horrendous everytime they have zero makeup on. The daily removing of the lashes from my lids is the main cause for all the suffering, however on a good note, the swelling has resulted in my having the best double lids ever! I now have thick double lids with ample space between the fold and the lash line, the kind that so many girls use double-lid glue and stickers to try and achieve!

Anyway, as I am required to wear false lashes everyday I recently got myself a pair of the Shu Uemura star lashes and a pair of MAC No.7 lashes. Sorry but no pictures of me wearing them yet as I keep forgetting to take pictures at work.

The star lashes are cute and really elongate the eyes,however the spine is pretty stiff and hard, so if you place it too far at the edge of your eyes, it can be pretty painful as the lash edge would keep poking the corner of your eye. Not to mention, after wearing the lashes twice, one of my stars has already dropped off, so I'm pretty bummed about that especially when I paid $34 for it!
After trying out the MAC No.7 lashes, I understand why alot of gyaru love it. It's spine is really thin so its not very obvious you have a pair of falsies on and the lash isn't too long either. My complaint is that its really not that long, even the lashes I got from Daiso are so much longer. If you're hoping to compare it to Dollywink, sad to say, Dollywink wins hands down on lash length and volume. But if you're looking for something more natural, its pretty good though I don't think it can last as long as Dollywink. The MAC salesguy told me it'll probably last 3 times max, whilst my Dollywink pair has served me well for nearly 3 months already! I've only used my No.7 pair once, so we'll see how long it can actually last.

On a sad note, I tried looking for Sushi Cat's Black Leather lashes, the one with the extended lash line, and sadly I found out that any of the lashes left have been sent back to the office/warehouse as it has already been discontinued. I tried calling any outlet that the database showed had any stocks left, but all came up nil. Oh well, I was actually on the fence about it anyway as it came with a hefty $42 price tag! So in a way, I'm glad that the stocks have already been sent back.

I'll upload pictures of me wearing the star lashes and MAC No.7 lashes soon okays?


  1. Actually, your eyes are not supposed to swell from fake lashes or circle lenses unless they are sensitive.

    Or perhaps you are using the wrong kind of lenses/eyelash glue.

  2. @ * ステフ * - I dunno, it could be the aircon at the place too cuz I started breakin out badly after working there. And not to mention, my eyelids feel sore sometimes, but difenitely don't use shu uemura glue.

    Lets see if I get the same result with Barbie King lens