Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Personal outfit 25

My outfit today consisted of:
Scarf: Borrowed from mom
Checked Dress: Nichii (I actually bought it like 2 or 3 years back and it reminds me alot of Alice in Wonderland because of the colour and the shape)
Cowboy boots: Bought in Macau
LV monogrammed bucket bag: borrowed from mom
Finally tried out the scarf bow trend! I dug around my mom's scarf collection and pulled out this long red scarf, it took abit of practise tying the bow but I think it's pretty decent looking. I think I maybe hopping on the bandwagon for this trend, because its cute and matches alot of styles.

After nearly 2 weeks of working non-stop, I finally had and off day and actually went out instead of resting at home.

I would have stayed at home if it weren't for the fact that I had to collect a pair of Andrea Bocelli concert tickets!!! I love his voice alot though I'm bit disappointed that he isn't appearing "live" for the concert but rather I'll be watching him through a "live" screening. But since the tickets are free, hey, its better then nothing.


  1. Cut outfit, the red head scarf is a great touch. And you did a great job tying it^^

    That's great you went out on your free day, don't be a hermit like me hehe. And free tickets are always good^^

  2. Nice outfit! I wish Norwegians would dress cuter too ;)

  3. @ さらまり - Thanks, I was inspired by an outfit from Popsister! Haha! I was initially plannin to coop up at home and laze all day, however, today was the last day to collect the tickets, so I didn't have much of a choice. =P

    @ Cecilie - Thanks! Haha why don't you dress up? Alot of Singaporeans here don't dress dat nicely anyway. Most simply parade around in T-shirts, shorts and slippers and I didn't wanna be another face in the crowd so I decided to dress in something I liked even if it receives uninvited remarks and stares

  4. LOVE how you tied the bowtie! i wish i have hand skills like you! *jealous*