Friday, April 9, 2010

Cosplay Plans for 2010 & 2011

One of my more expensive outfits, of course it had to come from the Kuroshitsuji series. Ceil (that's the character) actually has alot of nice outfits, but this one was too nice to pass up on, it totally captured his regal image and the layers of cloth looked so good whether he was standing or sitting, so I immediately felt compelled to get this particular costume.

One of the Vocaloids again, this time it's Len in his Imitation Black outfit. Yes, its a "him", I'm a girl cosplaying as a guy whose wearing a dress, pretty warped sense of logic, ahahahaha. But the costume was too nice to pass up and yes, I need to wear black lipstick and tons of black liner for this character.

Trinity Blood's Esther, this is the outfit she wore when she went to The Empire. Note the large amount of detailing all over the entire outfit, this is gonna be one of the most expensive outfits for me to splurge on

Kagura, it's hard to find a nice picture of her standing still while showing her complete outfit so this was the best shot I could find. I prefer her shortened kimono over her chinese-inspired outfit

Ugh I'm having so many cosplay plans drawn up that my head is starting to whirl from the utter chaos and confusion of ordering this and that for this costume and that costume and such.

Not to mention setting up my own team is pretty difficult especially when the series is known for especially detailed costumes, so many people are quite turned off by the sheer amount of work that's gonna go into that one costume. However, I must peservere!

Anyway, if anybody's curious, here's the list of cosplays for this year and the next

2010 --> Eager Love Revenge Miku, Sandplay of Dragon Rin, Ceil (Ballroom Version), Gintama's Kagura (Yoshiwara Arc Version)

2011 --> Trinity Blood Esther (most likely Empire version), Kuroshitsuji's Ceil (book cover version), Imitation Black Len

*I'm only uploading pictures of the characters that I haven't uploaded before*


  1. Oh I really like Ciel and Esther. I did a cosplay of Esther based off the anime, but it was back when I was heavy, so maybe I should re-do it with fancy details haha.

    Good luck with your cosplay plans, you picked very nice ones^^

  2. @ さらまり - Haha, I didn't want to do the anime version of Trinity blood as I felt that the costumes didn't do the artwork justice, so I'm focusing more on the artbook version.

    I love Ciel's outfits, I am defintiely gonna cosplay him whether I have a team or not! His otufits are the best!

    Thanks, maybe you should also pick up cosplay again!

  3. I can imagine your Ciel cosplay is going to look amazing!! His outfit actually looks like something I'd appreciate as everyday wear :P

  4. @ Charlotte - Thanks, I'm still looking around for the best tialoring and cloth for the costume, because I wanna do it justice! Haha, I don't know about everyday wear, but sometimes I do wish I lived his kind of lfiestyle during that period, everythingn just looked so elegant then