Monday, April 19, 2010

Blue Circle lens!

For most of my cosplay characters, I needed blue lenses to get the look right, so after researching different coloured lens, I decided to get the DollyEye Blue lens, because not only is it one of the lesn with more obvious colour effect, but at 14.2mm wide, it also enlarges the eye, perfect for achieving the anime look.

Comparison of the lens, you can see, the blue isn't affected by the dark colour of my eye and that there is some enlargement

Here, I'm wearing the lens in both my eyes, but with zero flash, there's still some blueness

Now with flash, as you can see, the blue is very obvious and the best part is that the colour eliminates the redness of my eyes, I really like the colour of this pair of lenses

My only gripe with this particular pair of lens is that it swivels about when I blink, resulting in havign 2 pupils at times, which is really creepy. I haven't actually worn this pair out for the day before so I can't say whether it's extrememly comfortable or not, but it is certainly thicker than my Max Pure Browns and sometimes, I see the edges of blue in my line of sight. Not to mention, I have abit of an "alien" look when I wear this as it doesn't look natural at all.
For daily wear, maybe this isn't such a good idea, but for cosplay, it's good enough.

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