Monday, April 19, 2010

Green Circle Lens!!

For my most important cosplay of the year, I really wanted a pair of quality green lenses. So after reading about different type of lenses, I finally settled on DollyEye's green lenses. The lens are fairly comfortable and it's less problematic as compared to my blue ones, the lens don't swivel about when I blink which is a real plus for me (double pupils are waaay creepy) and I don't get the coloured edges in my line of sight unlike the blue ones.

The green is less obvious then my blue ones, on my pupils, but still enough to see the colour

Without flash, the green is only minimally obvious, but you can still see abit of colour difference from normal eyes.

With flash the colour is more obvious, but from far, the colour isn't as obvious, bit disappointed actually.

My only gripe is that the colour isn't as obvious as I would like it, but its fairly comfortable. I haven't worn it out for a full day yet, so I can't say just how comfortable it really is, but it's definitely thicker then my Max Pure Brown lens.

*edit* I tried this pair at work one day, and they were quite comfortable. I had a bit of blurriness and some of the green colour blocking my line of sight at times, but abit of blinking and a drop or two of eyedrops fixed it. I even had a customer comment on how much she liked my lens! Yay!

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