Monday, April 19, 2010

New Job

On a side note, I recently got myself a new job in order to properly finance my vain-ness and my cosplay needs.

I'm working at Shu Uemura as a makeup counter girl, so I get to play with make up all day!

However, as the work requires me to work in shifts, I may not be able to blog as often as before, but that doesn't mean I'll leave this blog to rot away, I'll still be back to update time and time again, just be patient if there isn't any new posts for say a week or 2 as I maybe scheduled to work for up to 8 days straight.

For local readers, if you wanna pop by to say hi, I'm working at a counter smack in the middle of Orchard road, lets see if you guys can find me, Tata!


  1. Congratulations on your new job, I hope you enjoy it! I know what you meaning about the shifts, it can be hard on your personal schedule ><

  2. @ さらまり - Unfortunately for the past week, I've been gettin nth but scoldings from my seniors and bosses for everythin, even things out of my control like the marks my eczema leaves on my own clothes, so its becoming really difficult for me to drag myself to work now