Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hostessing in Japan

After reading Bloomzy's post about male host clubs in Japan, I clicked around abit and chanced upon a few articles about female hostessing in general.

What I found out was that after the boom in the popularity of becoming a Hostess thanks to magazine, Koakuma Ageha and celeb idols like Momoeri, many hostesses now work in cabaret clubs, nicknamed kyabakura in Japanese. These are the less exclusive and lower-priced versions of the original "hostess bars" (high-class Ginza establishments filled with elegant and knowledgeable ladies). Despite this fact, hostessing is now seen as a glamorous and there is less resistance to becoming one, in fact in open auditions, girls sometimes bring their mothers along which would have been completely unheard of say 5 years ago.

In a video, Momoeri herself says that she gets tons of fan mail from elementary school girls who gush about their admiration for her and how much they aspire to be like her in the future. But having known the rigours of this job, Momoeri herself replies that she is uncertain if that is an industry that she would like to encourage young girls to enter.

A friend of mine once quipped that she wished she she could jet off to Japan and become a hostess for a couple of years because of the "easy money" and the illusion of, "its so easy, all you have to do is drink alot, chat with the men, buy a few pretty dresses to wear to work and you're done, some clubs don't even allow touching so no worries about being too touchy-feely."

But I read once an ex-hostess speaking out about the not so glamorous side of the job, she said that a huge chunk of her money earned went straight back into make up and skincare and she had to constantly change her dresses, hairstyles and nails because clients didn't want to come back if she looked the same as the last time they visited. It was also really difficult to look fresh and pretty everyday if you had to constantly drink copious amounts of alcohol and have cigarette smoke blown into your face and forgo sleep on a regular basis.

Despite having seen both sides of the same coin, I must admit I too am drawn to the fantasy world of having to dress like a pseudo princess every night and earning tons of money by just doing so, however every job has its bad side and this job may come with plenty of perks but also has plenty of downfalls.

You should really check out the video at there's a short interview with Momoeri and other hostesses.

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  1. Really great post! I'm new to reading your blog and you've got such a lovely page here ^^

    I've always admired hostesses. I think the women who make it in such a career have to be 100% committed to entire hostess lifestyle, but I can see an upside to working so hard as well (especially with the sisterhood formed with other hostesses).

    Personally, I think I'd enjoy getting paid to put that much effort into my appearance and receiving compliments from guys all the time. Hehe. It's a real ego fueller XD

    What upsets me is the fact that the equivalent we have in the UK involves stripping or table dancing, and is completely seen as a degrading job.

  2. I think there is a glamourous side and a ugly side to hostessing.

    The customers are usually old, unattractive and patriarchal men who treat the hostesses not quite like ladies.

    And like you said their skin and health suffer from the working conditions.

    I am going to check out that video link. Thanks for sharing^^

  3. @ Charlotte - Thanks, I always welcome new readers! (>.<)b
    Actually hostessing isn't really much of a career, all of them work for a few years as hostesses and then either get married or set up small businesses, because it really takes a toll on their health.

    Plus the working atmosphere is extrememly competitive, I've read about clothes being shredded by rival hostesses and rumours told to clients to avoid certain hostesses from getting more clients.

    But yea, I agree, it's nice to be paid to look pretty and other countries the only similar jobs we have is stripping or being social escorts, both of which are definitely looked down upon.

    @ さらまり - Definitely check out the vid, it's quite nce that they balanced it out by showing both the good and bad sides of the industry and that the women for once aren't blamed for entering the industry.

    I agree, often the men are ugly old perverts who want to be lavished with attention from pretty ladies and often the hostesses get requests for after-hours paid dates with these said men. Some even sleep with them but that's all under the table of course.

    Their health suffers alot that's why alot of them last bout 5-7 years max and then quit.