Monday, April 19, 2010

Circle Lenses!!

In order to be a full fleged Gyaru, there are numerous things that one must do, such as styling your hair properly, putting on proper make up, dressing the part and many other things. However, there is one part which many girls fail to realise that its a crucial part of getting the Gyaru look, and that is, Circle lenses!!!
Moi finally got her hands on some circle lens after much research online (and not much help from the local government that kept plastering signs against buying contacts online), and finally found a local seller who imported lens direct from Japan with reasonable prices. Thanks to
I bought 3 different lens as I not only wanted a pair for daily wear, but 2 others for cosplay purposes, so after tons of reasearch I bought a pair of Max Pure Browns for my daily wear as I'd read that they are more natural looking and one of the most comfortable lenses in the market.

First and foremost, this is how my eyes look like, completely devoid of makeup, so pardon the horrible oily skin and open pores and such for all the subsequent pictures. My eyes are really dark brown, almost black so it's hard to even locate the irises.

After putting in the Max Pure Brown lens on one eye, as you can see, there is an enlargement at 14.5mm and the colour appears lighter.

My Max Pure Browns without any flash, they look really really natural

With flash, you can see more obviously the brown colour, sometimes, I think they look like the glass eyes of dolls and soft toys, but I really like them alot

I received 3 of these pinkXwhite cases, one for each pair of lens I had bought, absolutely free from Exclusive Lens, I really like them, because I can see which ever lens are inside each case because they're see-through, so no need for me to guess which lens are in which case.

I've been using my Max Pure Browns as a replacement for my daily disposables, these lens are really thin, so I don't feel them at all in my eye, however as compared to my dailies, they have more protein build-up and are abit dry, so I usually apply an eyedrop or 2 in the middle of the day. But other then that, I'm really happy I got them (though the Bf is still creeped out by them).

I'm planning to buy more brown lenses soon, hmm wonder which ones I should try next, maybe Honey Wings?

Oh yes, scroll down to see my reviews on the other 2 lenses I bought!


  1. Oh these lenses do indeed look so natural, they are really pretty and they suit you well!!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Hmm, no I didn't see the Momoeri lashes while I was at Donki, I will have to look harder next time hehe. Momoeri is so pretty!

  2. Thanks alot!!! They're quite comfortable, juz bit drying and dey make my eyes bit tired, but not too bad. I'm planning to try out Barbie King lens next, since I've heard alot of great things about them!

    Haha, I love reading your blog, its really interestin and not someone tryin hard to be somebody else. Oh... no Momoeri lash, maybe its only for certain Donki outlets? Yes!!! Momoeri is hawt!!