Friday, October 23, 2009

Uniqlo in France

The massive crowd outside

Patiently waiting...

Inside the concept store..

American Apparel's surprising promotions...

I have to admit this is a pretty late post... okay make that an extremely late post (especially in the fast-paced world of fashion/ blogging).

Uniqlo has opened a concept store in Paris and there was such anticipation that there were about 100m of queueing on each side of the street and a wait of at least 45 minutes to reach the cashier. The crowd was so overwhelming that many producst were out of stock even before the first week was even over. Madness!

Guess there's alot of excitement simply because of the recession that has badly struck the fashion industry, so something like Uniqlo which offers basics at low prices without neglecting quality is very much a life-saver. Prices over in Paris are bout 7 euros for long-sleeved cotton T-shirts, 19 euros for a sweater and 39 euros for a pair of jeans.

In the face of competition, American Apparel (which is known for being super stingy) has surprising been offering rare discounts and promotions on their online website. Perhaps they're being fearful of the Japanese giant?

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