Friday, October 2, 2009

Personal outfit 6

Prada Blazer: Salvation army
White t-shirt: Giordano
Denim shorts: Cotton On
Stockings: China
Multi-strap pumps: Charles & Keith
Scarf: China
Jimmy Choo Blue leather bag: Borrowed from mom

Went for my hair dye/ trimming session today and unfortunately, I did not take the pics which I had promised... was too busy pestering my hairdresser bout hair care tips and asking him bout the latest trends on hair.

The good thing was that I came out with a much lighter hair colour then before and all the nasty, overgrown roots have been dealt with. Bad thing was, he told me that this was the lightest colour I am ever gonna get without bleaching and thus in the process, damaging my hair. So I can't ever get blond locks... ever!!

But then again I'm happy with this new colour, its bit hard to describeas it's a darker brown indoors but more golden and blondish outdoors, so its also hard to take a photo off...

Anyway went window shopping with Pochi after I did some shopping alone, and walked away with a new pair of thigh high black boots. Bit intimidating and a challenge to wear them without looking hookerish or trashy, but then again, that's the fun in fashion isn't it? To be experimental...

Will be test-driving the boots tomorrow, hope they're comfy!

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