Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Magazine Freebies

My Marc by Marc Jacobs canvas bag, given with the Autumn/Winter booklet (love the apple and heart print)

My Anna Sui wallet, given by Sweet magazine, I love this month's content, especially with the numerous pictures of Rinka, I think my make up and hairstyle is slowly moving towards her kind of style

I love reading Japanese magazines, not only to be updated on what's new and hip but the feeling of sifting through the thick glossy pages gives me a thrill which I can't describe, it doesn't even matter that I sometimes don't get what an article is talking about due to the language barrier.

Anyway, a new trend has started among these magazines (not exactly new since it started bout late last year), they've been giving out a ton of freebies, sometimes even on a monthly basis, and the gifts aren't some cheap ass plastic keychains or what not.

When I last checked, there were scrunchies, wallets, make up pouches and the ever-popular canvas bags being offered. Sometimes, its not the magazine content that attracts me but rather the so-called "free" gift being offered, often I had to harden my heart and stop myself from making a purchase simply because of a cute bag being offered so temptingly.

From the looks of it, this trend isn't gonna die out so soon, which means more good news for consumers like moi I guess, for now I'm hoping very much for a pastel coloured scrunchie... anyone?


  1. hi dear, can i noe where to get this magazine and around wat price..i search many place d..but still cant find it..i love your anna sui purse...xoxo

  2. n do think ny i still can get it cus i see your post is around oct n tat was a oct magazine

  3. OMG!! I am sooo sorry bout not replying earlier!!! I hardly check the comments section of my blog... so sorry!

    Anyway, I buy my stuff from Kinokuniya store, specifically the Orchard road branch, I tend to go towrds the end of the month, that's when most of the Japanese magazines have come in