Thursday, October 29, 2009

Deja Vu's Latest Product: Lash Knockout

Just recently, Deja Vu, the company behind the popular Fibrewig mascara, hard launched their latest product called, Lash Knockout.

Unlike it predecessor that lengthens lashes for that faux lash effect that all Japanese girls crave, Lash Knockout voluminizes instead. Judging from the pictures I've seen, using this new mascara would make your lashes appear short but really thick, guess its more of an accompaniment to its older cousin though it makes your lashes appear black with great intensity. Great thing bout it is that its still just as easy to remove, simply wash off with warm water and the mascara would come off in tiny little tubes.

Lash Knockout was soft launched initially at the Tokyo Girls Collection show and was included in the event's goodie bag. However, there hasn't been much news bout the product lately, so perhaps it isn't as popular?

Unfortunately it isn't available yet in Singapore, so I haven't had the opportunity to test drive it, perhaps it'll come in soon. Currently, its being priced at 1500 Yen in Japan, typical drugstore product price.

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