Thursday, October 1, 2009

Personal outfit 5

Beret: Acessorize
Biker jacket: Nichii
Gold, brown, black striped dress: Giordano
Stockings: China
Oxfords: DMK
YSL- inspired Memo Saccs bag: Borrowed from mom
Did some shopping with Jems yesterday... no make that a ton of shopping, but at least the stuff I got were things I've been craving for.

Got a pair of denim shorts, a sweatshirt, blue stockings, a black fedora, just to name a few... and maybe tomorrow I might just add more things to my wardrobe. Unfortunately I haven't gotten round to packing up my cupboard, so they're still in shopping bags on the floor... reminder to get round to actually doing it.

Tomorrow, I'll be trimming and dyeing my hair, hoping very much to look more Japanese by going blonde, just hoping I won't turn out like those lian, bleached out, peroxide blonde... but I trust my hairdresser, I'm also torn between getting straight bangs or just leaving it as it is... we'll see how tomorrow and I'll be sure to take pictures... so cross my fingers it'll be good!

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