Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Seventeen Magazine Stylin' Challenge

Grey wool dress with faux fur-trimmed hood: Sixties Inspired
Leopard print stockings: Some shop in Plaza Singapura
Thigh-high boots: Rubi (I love them... despite the fact they toe the line between fashion and trashy)
Memo Saccs Bag: Borrowed from Mom
Over the weekend, I had taken part in the Seventeen Stylin' Challenge, unfortunately, I wasn't selected as a semi-finalist.

I have to admit, my outfit was bit much, but then again the theme was 'Urban/ Street Style' and my fashion compass points towards the more wild and open Japanese street style. Despite trying my hardest to not want to sound like a bitch throwing a hissy fit, I couldn't help but notice most of the teams they had chosen were all clothed in... black (boring much?) and wearing the unanimous Singapore teenage girls' uniform of leggings, biker jackets, gladiator sandals etc.

There was even one selected team that was even more outrageously dressed then I was, think huge black fur coat, silver and black leggings, cheap bling that threatened to overpower the already huge coat, hair tied up to a high bun, gold hair band and beige boots (wth?!)

Never mind, I'll stop before I sound even more demented... tata!

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