Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Personal outfit 7

I've been to my share of fancy shmancy hotels before, and most have a decent make up area in the lady's powder room, but this is the first time I've encountered one with such comfortable softly cushioned seats....
My outfit consisted of:
Dress (made up of sky blue silk, under a black gauzey material with pleats at the bottom and a gold/black beaded waist detailing): Some random shop having a sale
Gold Heels: Everbest
Bag: Chanel (not shown)
I realise I haven't been putting up much outfit posts, school has been draining my creative juices and it doesn't help when they've been putting up all sorts of restrictions concerning our clothing choices. So my outfit posts would be reserved for my weekend outfits but only if I go out of course, I am not showing anyone my homewear, ever. However, if one is sooo curious to know what I wear at home, then simply look for this Manga called Switch girl, I'm pretty much decked out like the main character's off mode most of the time... so not a pretty sight...
Anyway, attended the Bf's colleague's wedding dinner recently. Since I don't wear formal much, and am currently bloated up like a balloon thanks to my PMS, I simply threw on this dress whcih I had bought like eons ago. Thank goodness I didn't toss this out when I lost weight or else I'll be at a loss on what to wear....

My hair also turned out pretty sucky that night, lately my hair doesn't seem to obey me, no matter how much I punish it with Velcro curlers, ironing tongs or straighteners. It just happily shifts back to which ever position its happy with thus wasting all my styling efforts. Could it be, because its currently at a in-between stage (between long and mid-length)?

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