Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Celebrity Gossip and Celebrations!!

Rinka is getting married!!!

Anna Tsuchiya is getting remarried and is pregnant, again!!

With the quiet lull in the fashion industry, I thought I could take a break when I was suddenly bombarded with news of one of my favourite models. Who am I talking about?

I'm talking bout Rinka, one of the oldest more successful models of her age (at age 36, you're practically a dinosaur in the modelling industry). Newspapers in Japan have gone mad reporting bout her engagement and even Rinka herself has admitted to it on her blog, reportedly, the wedding would be held next spring though the actaul date and location are still uncertain.

Not much is known about Rinka's fiance other then the fact that he's slightly younger than her, works in a construction -related firm and that they have been dating for bout eight years despite multiple break -ups and make-ups.

Now Rinka can happily stomp over those people who labelled her as a "makeinu"("loser" term for single women over 30) with her designer heels all the while with a bounce in her long never-ending legs.

Whilst researching bout Rinka's engagment, I also found out that singer/ actress, Anna Tsuchiya is pregnant with her second child and is about to remarry, this time to the father of her second child who also happens to be her stylist.

This is probably great news for her after having to be a single mom after her divorce from her first marriage and the sudden passing of her ex-husband.

Guess Japanese entertainment is having plenty to celebrate about for now....

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