Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Bathing Ape X Daiwa Sports Collaboration

Fishing jacket and pants, the least surprising and most expected of the collaboration

Sunglasses, these are actually pretty cool...

A Bathing Ape fanny pack/floatation device? Kindda weird....

A Bathing Ape fishing reel and bag... now this is really weird

A Bathing Ape fishing tackle, not sure if the fish will bite more often, but I do like the yellow, blue and pink colours incorporated into the camouflage design... My dad commented that the fish will probably laugh at the fancy colours and might not even notice the normal camouflage version, because its been "camouflaged" into the background of the murky sea/river

A Bathing Ape fishing rods, with the logo at the end of the rods...Weirdest of the whole lot, a gentleman fishing hat! Who would wear a bowler hat whilst fishing?! The people I know who fish, wear rotten baseball caps because pretty soon, the caps start to smell because of all the sweat and fishiness....

Its not uncommon for many fashion brands to collaborate with sports brands to produce outfits that not only are functional but make you look good at the same time, that way, you won't ever have to be caught dead wearing some raggedly-stained awful sweats everytime u hit the gym.

However, this collaboration takes the cake in my opinion, Bape has created a line of clothes and products with Japanese fishing brand, Daiwa. And when I say products, I literally mean fishing tackle, rods and even 2 different fishing reels!

I mean, I can understand why there's clothes, not every fisherman wants to looks like some fat, middle-aged stout with unfashionable clothes that emphasises one's flaws, but why would anyone want a tackle that's specially created by Bape? Do the fish bite more if they realise its a special tackle that's been created by A Bathing Ape?

Well whatever the reasons are, this collection is definitely an eye-opener and makes me wonder, just what are the other things fashion labels can stick their names to? Hmm.... How about a Prada handphone? Oh wait, they already have that? Hmm....

Check out more of the products in this collection at the offical A Bathing Ape X Daiwa page


  1. Does that gentleman's fishing hat have a chin strap?? hehe..

  2. Yeap, seems like it, the idea for a bowler hat for fishing still makes me convulse in laughter

  3. hi...can i know how much is the daiwa sunglasses you sell? Please watsapp me or msg me the price at 0147353595. thx

    1. I am not a seller, merely a blogger

    2. thn do u know where to get this sunglasses?