Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Personal outfit 20

Camwhored abit with Wan Keat

Also did alittle camwhoring of myself, though I still have a long way to go, I still have no idea how to take good pics of myself

Outfit for the day:
Straw fedora: Net
Plaid shirt: Uniqlo
Tank top: Giordano
Boho skirt: flea market find
Brown cowboy boots: bought in China
Weave bag: gift from mom

Went out with Wan Keat yesterday, and we ended up shopping for abit, well technically I did the shopping and poor Wan Keat was dragged around by me.
I ended up with some goodies including a leopard print dress (though I'm contemplating whether I ought to snip off the belt detailing), a black tunic from Uniqlo (for "fat" and lazy days) and a bunch of foot pads, a bottle of nail polish top coat, a tube of nail polish remover (the kind where you simply stick your finger into the sponge and the nail polish comes right off) and a toy all for my dog, all from Daiso.
I just love Daiso, it's a 100 yen or in my country's case, $2 shop. They have tons of amazing stuff there but sometimes their stuff aren't worth the $2 price tag because of the amount within the packaging so you do have to be careful not to get sucked in by the cheap factor.
Wan Keat's leaving on Thursday... so I'm pretty bummed out by it now, but I did promise to send her off, so that's one consoling factor I guess. I'm also feeling it down about my cosplay plans, I get the feeling that I may no longer get the sponsorship because I might have ticked off the lady boss for giving me the wrong hairstyle during the previous event and forcing her to change it there and then, I'm already planning to order my own costume, however, its getting bit lonely to do events on my own, so I am hoping for a team, but to organize one is a big thing, so I'm too at a dilemma about that... sigh....

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