Monday, February 22, 2010

Unusual Shoes

The newest member of the weird shoes club...

My personal favourite amongst the weird shoes club, Miu Miu's Teacup heels. I'm still praying that somehow, I could one day get my hands on a pair.... they'll be the perfect whimsical touch to a Lolita or Alice in Wonderland inspired outfit.

I don't know if it's just me or something, but lately it seems to me that there has to be at least one designer out there creating some really unusual pairs of shoes every season. I'm not talking bout bringing some old trend back a la the clog, but more on the level, where they're so unusual that people's opinions are split between them where some consider works of art, worthy of having a museum exhibition created around them, or in some cases, just plain weird.

My personal opinion depends very much on the said shoes, and with the melting stilettos of the Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte heels, I do like the idea, but the sporty, trainers-like front doesn't appeal much to me.... hmm....


  1. Where are the top two shoes from?? LOVE them!

  2. They are from the Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte collection