Monday, February 8, 2010

Personal outfit 19

My outfit for the day consisted of:
Straw Fedora: Net
Cropped Denim Jacket: second-hand from a friend
Dress: Flea market (Its actually a skirt and was at a steal for only $5)
Cher Bag: Freebie from a magazine
Nude pumps: DMK
Brown woven belt: This Fashion
Went out with some of my friends last saturday, because one my my frineds, Wan Keat aka Hamtaro aka Mushroom head etc. has finally come back after running off to Australia for the last 6 months due to studies.
We ended up watching Avatar (which is the third time for me now) as Wan keat hasn't had the chance to watch it yet. This time, I ended up looking more at the backgrounds and such as I've already focused on the main points more than enough times already. I ended up noticing that the native Na'vi people have actually only 4 fingers, whilst the Avatars still have 5, and after reading the artbook that Esther bought, it seems that Omaticaya (the clan's name) means Blue Flute. That's because they have a huge Blue Flute stored somewhere that only the male clan leader can play (perhaps its a hint to what's gonna happen in the next movie?).
Did plenty of window-shopping and I've finally gotten my new year clothes, now I just need for new year to come soon so that I can get some moolah to spend.... which would also mean that I'm closer to my University application deadline... shoot....


  1. Your outfit is awesome! I really love the cropped jean jacket^^

  2. Thanks! I managed to salvage it from a friend who was clearing out her closet and had intended to give it to charity!