Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day/ Chinese New Year

Hey all, this is a rather late post, but I wanna wish anyone who reads/visits this blog a happy Valentine's and Chinese new year!

Personally I celebrated Valentine's Day with my Bf the day earlier, because the Eve of Chinese new year fell on Valentine's day itself, which means Reunion dinner with the family and one can't miss it unless you're dead, really sick or overseas.

I also wore 2 new outfits for the 2 following days but since I was busy running around, greeting people, getting red packets and stuffing my face silly. I totally forgot to take any pictures of my new outfits, so they'll have to wait till the next time.

Now the only problem I'm facing is avoiding the temptation of spending all the money I got during the new year celebrations immediately.... however, there's just too many pretty clothes and shoes that I wanna buy... somebody shoot me already....

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