Wednesday, February 3, 2010

SOY 2010 Event

Once again, moi was kindly loaned a cosplay outfit for the recent SOY event held at Ngee Ann Polytechnic last saturday, 30th Jan.

Wty Studio once again kindly let me choose any character I wanted to cosplay as for the event, and I'm really grateful for that, I mean it'll be so much easier for them if they simply threw me a costume which they had already prepared instead of going through the trouble of creating the costume just for moi. So I decided to cosplay Taiga from the anime Toradora! I adore her character! Oh ya, in case you're wondering why I look so grouchy and fierce in both pictures, that's because Taiga is supposed to be really fierce, hence her nickname the "palmtop tiger" because of her height, fierceness and name (Taiga = tiger, geddit?)

This time instead of simply getting dressed for the event, I was actually part of a live demonstration at the studio's booth as the lady-in-charge aka Yasuka, actually styled my wig right there and then, this allowed people at the event, the opportunity to learn abit of wig styling because if you think it's as easy as styling your own hair, you're dead wrong! Wigs actually require special shampoo, conditioner and comb and even more care is required when you actually cut it because different wigs use different materials for the hair and the "hair" is stuck onto the "scalp" differently for different wigs.

After the demonstration, I was once again free to run off and do anything I wanted the rest of the day, so long as I returned the costume and wig before leaving the event. I enjoyed the rest of the day with friends and meeting other cosplayers at the event, and this event was waaay better then the last because there was better management (though a little birdie did tell me that it wasn't this good previously). Not to mention, one of the sponsors for the event, SG Photography, was actually offering free professional photoshoots that day, imagine the combination of anime lover, professional photographer and all the professional photography equipment and you get a super cameko (camera person) that is the dream of all cosplayers!

Once again, I'm really glad to have been given this cosplay opportunity by Wty Studios and I truly recommend using their services, its a small studio so its really personal and you won't have the trouble of having miscommunication. Oh, and one more thing (I can't believe I've failed to mention this in my last advert for them), they're costumes,shoes and wigs are all imported from Taiwan or custom made to the customer's preferences, so quality is no issue at all!

So make sure you check them out at or contact them at:
Mobile:+(65) 9170-8557

P.S. My camera memory card so convieniently decided to become corrupted whilst I was attempting to retrieve my pictures, so these photos are from Hexlord, a cameko at the event. So I apologise if I'm technically not supposed to be using them... sorry...